Photographic Record of Construction


A picture tells a thousand words - so here is the equivalent of many thousands of words and a lot of effort.  As of April 2015, the construction is substantially finished.  The pictures still seemingly show Etna as unfinished; however, most subassemblies - boiler and pipework, engine and drive train, flooring, aft cockpit and bow cockpit - have been assembled, tried for fit and removed for varnishing or painting.  The underwater surface of the hull now have antifouling:  all through hull connectors are sealed ready for trim tests once all heavy items are (re-)installed.  The roof is complete and has been mounted.

I am now catching up with technical documentation.  Click on the links below for technical and system drawings.

Etna water and steam management diagram.

Etna electrical system (#1: aft cockpit & power conditioning locker).

Etna electrical system (#2: control panel switches and indicators, with circuits).
Etna electrical system (#3: level evaluation and proxy level control logic PCB).
Etna electrical system (#4: control panel burner relay and power supplies PCB).

10 Etna Operator Controls.

11 Etna Control Panel.